Soundview Surgery Center

Instructions for Before and After Surgery

Before Surgery

For your safety, we must ensure that you are prepared for your surgery.  Your procedure may be canceled if you have not followed these instructions:

  1. Notify your surgeon if you have experienced any health changes (a cold, cough, fever, etc,) since your last visit.
  2. Do not eat or drink anything, do not chew gum or use breath mints after midnight the night before surgery. Take your routine daily medications with a sip of water unless you have been instructed not to.
  3. The day and evening before surgery, eat normally and take your prescribed medications.
  4. Take a bath or shower before coming to the surgery center.  Do not wear make-up or nail polish on the day of your surgery.
  5. Wear casual, loose-fitting clothing and slip on shoes for your comfort and ease of dressing after surgery.
  6. Bring your picture ID and insurance cards with you.
  7. Leave all other valuables at home.  Do not wear jewelry, watches or contact lenses.
  8. You must arrive 1-1/2 hours before your scheduled surgery time.
  9. You cannot drive yourself.  You must arrange transportation to and from the surgery center. You will not be allowed to leave alone after surgery.
  10. Do not smoke for 24 hours before your surgery.
  11. If you have asthma, please bring your inhalers with you.
  12. If you use a home CPAP machine, please bring it to your surgery.  It will be used while you are waking up from anesthesia.
  13. Do not take aspirin, NSAIDS, naproxen, or ibuprofen for 7 days prior to surgery.  Tylenol is ok to use.
  14. Coumadin, Plavix and other blood thinners should have been discontinued by your surgeon at least 5 days prior to surgery.  If you are using blood thinners and they have not been stopped, please contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

Please call us at (253) 572-7120 for any questions.

After Surgery

  1. Follow your surgeon’s instructions.
  2. Resume your usual daily medications.
  3. Please ask your surgeon when you may restart blood thinners.
  4. The average stay in the recovery room is 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  You will be discharged when a responsible person is present to take you home.
  5. If you have had general anesthesia you must follow these instructions for 24 hours:
  • Do not drive or operate machinery
  • Do not take public transportation
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages
  • Do not sign legal documents
  • Do not care for a dependent person